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Hymenoplasty in dubai amman and london

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

If interested in Hymen repair in Dubai amman or london

please send wahtsapp. to 00971568698140

the procedure is simple under local anasthatic. you an leave the clinic normal with no down time

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Hymenoplasty: Restoring the Past, Debunking the Myths

Hymenoplasty is a topic that sparks intrigue, curiosity, and misconceptions among many. It involves the surgical restoration of the hymen, a thin membrane at the vaginal opening. In this article, we will delve into the details of hymenoplasty, shedding light on the procedure, its importance, and debunking common myths associated with laser or medication-based hymen repair.

Understanding Hymenoplasty and Its Significance

The hymen, a delicate tissue located at the entrance of the vagina, can be subject to tearing due to various factors, such as sexual intercourse or accidents. While hymenoplasty is predominantly sought for cultural reasons, it is essential to recognize that this procedure should only be performed by a qualified and trained surgeon. Contrary to popular belief, there are no effective options such as laser or medication-based hymen repair.

please send wahtsapp. to 00971568698140

The Vital Role of Proper Training in Hymen Repair

One of the critical aspects of hymenoplasty is ensuring that it is conducted by a surgeon with adequate training and experience. Unfortunately, some practitioners undertake this procedure without the necessary skills, leading to unsatisfactory results and potential failure of the surgery. Therefore, when considering hymenoplasty, it is crucial to choose a reputable clinic with skilled professionals who can guarantee successful outcomes.

The Hymenoplasty Procedure Unraveled

Hymenoplasty is typically performed in a clinic setting under local anesthesia, taking approximately 30 minutes. During the procedure, the hymen is delicately stitched using dissolvable cosmetic sutures. The process is generally painless, and patients can resume their regular activities immediately, with some even traveling on the same day. The results of hymen repair can be long-lasting or until sexual intercourse occurs.

Dispelling the Myth of Painful Hymen Repair

Contrary to popular belief, hymenoplasty is not a painful procedure. Patients can expect minimal discomfort, and recovery is generally smooth. Thanks to advancements in medical techniques and anesthesia, discomfort is minimized, allowing individuals to carry on with their regular routines with ease after the surgery.

Exploring Different Types of Hymenoplasty

There are various types of hymenoplasty procedures, each catering to individual needs:

a) 3D Hymenoplasty: This comprehensive procedure ensures a full reconstruction of the hymen, providing a natural appearance.

b) Simple Hymenoplasty: Focused on vaginal tightening and approximation of hymenal tags, this procedure aims to achieve a more youthful appearance.

c) Creating a Hymen: In cases where the hymen is entirely absent, this procedure involves using tissue from the vaginal wall to recreate the hymen.

Understanding the Cost of Hymen Repair

The cost of hymenoplasty varies based on the complexity of the procedure and whether additional vaginal tightening is required. Additionally, prices may differ between countries, such as Dubai and Amman. On average, the cost of hymenoplasty in Dubai is around 10,000 dirhams, though this may vary depending on individual cases and the clinic chosen.

Hymenoplast in dubai.

The procedure is legal in dubai as it is a cosmotic procedure but due to it senstivity it kept confidential.

Postoperative Care for Optimal Results

Proper postoperative care is essential for successful outcomes. Patients are encouraged to follow the aftercare instructions provided by their surgeon diligently. This includes avoiding strenuous activities and maintaining proper hygiene to ensure the healing process is smooth and complication-free.


Hymenoplasty, a surgical procedure with cultural significance, aims to restore the hymen, providing a sense of reassurance and empowerment to women. To achieve the best results, individuals must choose qualified and experienced surgeons and debunk any myths surrounding laser or medication-based hymen repair. The decision to undergo hymenoplasty should be made thoughtfully, with careful consideration and in consultation with reputable clinics in Dubai and Amman, where all cosmetic gynecology procedures are carried out with the utmost privacy and professionalism.

please send wahtsapp. to 00971568698140

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